Sunday, March 7, 2010

Armor Grid: Mech Attack!

 The first game from Armor Grid Games & Miniatures, Armor Grid: Mech Attack! is now available at Wargame Vault.  With an innovative game system and print and play 15mm scale Mech, Vehicle, and Infantry miniatures, this is a game of sci-fi mechanized military combat in skirmish and wargame scales.  Compete against your friends in one-on-one duels or extended military campaigns.

Armor Grid: Mech Attack! includes:
    * 13 page Rulebook
    * Game Tokens, Markers, and Record Sheets
    * Print and Play 15mm Mech, Vehicle, and Infantry Miniatures
    * Dozens of Weapons and Support Equipment Options
    * Miniature Bases and Assembly Instructions

This set of miniatures is supplied in Urban Gray, Forest Green, Dessert Tan, and Uncolored (for your customization).

All Armor Grid Miniatures are rendered in 300dpi for high quality printing. Designed with complete front and back images to more closely represent more traditional gaming miniatures, these miniatures are provided with easy to follow directions and multiple basing options.

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  1. I think the print-and-play aspect is cool, as are the graphics. My main question is: how does the game play? Is it another I-go/you-go, or does it have an interesting activation system? How are hits and damage resolved? What makes it meaningfully different (besides print-and-play) from Heavy Gear or Battletech?

  2. Thanks for the compliments! What makes the game unique is that the Armor Grid System incorporates individual weapon damage patterns with a sort of "hit point matrix", so that the weapons you chose damage your opponent differently. Weapon damage becomes a strategic element, as the weapon you choose may continue to eat away at the enemy's armor or may take out with critical system hits.

    Our goal was to create a game that's easy to learn, fun to play, and not so bogged down with rules that you never actually get to play. We hope you enjoy it. Please let us know what you think.

  3. That model of damage sounds a lot like FASA's /Centurion/ game.

    What about unit activation? Anything special there. If it is old I-go/you-go, if I shoot all my units first, there may not be much around to reply. :)

  4. I've never played FASA's Centurion game, but I'll look into it.

    Players activate one unit at a time, taking turns, with whoever won the initiative roll going first. So it may be called "I-go/you-go", but not with all units each time- just one at a time until all units have been activated.

    We kept the rules pretty open, so if you'd like to adopt a reasonable house rule it probably won't ruin the game. For example: if you'd like to use a more complex initiative system, such as Reaper's CAV card system (which is a pretty neat game and has excellent minis too), you can. Just make sure all players agree before hand and make sure common sense and fun prevails over tedious rules.

  5. this looks great. are there gsd files for these models? It looks like the pages have reg marks for a robo cutter...

  6. The reg marks are there for future GSD file creation and we have some folks in the forums working on them for their own cutters. We plan to release the GSD files for all miniatures as soon as we get our own automatic cutter. Just gotta sell a few more copies... ;)

  7. Sweet. got my cutter a couple weeks ago and love it. the thought of quickly building a couple of big mech attack armies is something to drool over.think I will hold off on making my own gsds then. 8)

  8. what are the mech attack minis made out of? Is it like the stuff used to make that the Pirates of the crimson coast game?