Monday, May 18, 2015

Armor Grid: Infantry Garrison - Battle Colors Now Available!

Armor Grid: Infantry Garrison - Battle Colors

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Print and Play 15mm ScaleArmor Grid: Infantry Garrison
Infantry Miniatures for use with
Armor Grid: Mech Attack!
or any Sci-fi Wargame.
This set includes:
  •  Three types infantry foot soldiers: Light, Heavy, and Jump Troops.
  •  Tripods for crew served weapons and equipment.
  •  Wheeled, Tracked, and Hover Drones.
  •  Light, Heavy, and Hover Cycles.
  •  Eight different options for Weapons or Support Equipment.
  •  40mm Hex Bases.
  •  Eight color schemes including: Gray, Blue, Green, Tan, Black, Red, Tan & Green, and Uncolored.
  •  Easy to follow instructions.
Armor Grid: Infantry Garrison
Armor Grid: Infantry Garrison
These miniatures match the scale of the original Armor Grid: Mech Attack! miniatures, so they can easily fight side by side with your current army!
All Armor Grid Miniatures and paper figures are rendered in 300dpi for high quality printing. Designed with complete front and back images to more closely represent more traditional gaming miniatures, these miniatures are provided with easy to follow directions and flight bases.  Download FREE Hex Grid: Print Bases for placing your Aircraft in any terrain you wish.
Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher is required to use this product.

Beta rules for Cycles (Mounted Infantry) can be found HERE and Drones can be found HERE. Please test out the rules and let us know what you think.