Sunday, May 30, 2010

Armor Grid and Slick's Miniatures Team Up!

Armor Grid Games and Miniatures have teamed up with Slick’s Miniatures to reproduce the original Armor Grid: Mech Attack 15mm miniatures in two new camouflage color schemes.

This set includes:
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Mechs
  • Three different Vehicles
  • Six different Troop Units
  • Weapons and Support Equipment
These miniatures are supplied in Woodland and Desert Camouflage by Slick’s Miniatures.  All Armor Grid Miniatures are rendered in 300dpi for high quality printing. Designed with complete front and back images to more closely represent traditional gaming miniatures, these miniatures are provided with easy to follow directions and multiple basing options.
 These models are intended for use with Armor Grid: Mech Attack.  Please check out Wargame Vault and for more information.

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