Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Armor Grid: Terrain Pack Now Available!

Now available at WargameVault.com- Armor Grid: Terrain Pack for $4.95US.

This expansion contains 15mm scale terrain and expanded terrain rules for use with Armor Grid: Mech Attack!

This set includes:
  • Expanded Terrain Rules including: Revised Line of Sight rules and new terrain features
  • 25mm tall Buildings that stack to form multistory structures
  • Building Ruins for destructible buildings
  • Hills and Bodies of Water in both simple shapes and modular pieces that can be arranged into larger terrain pieces
  • Low Walls that can be chained together for any length of wall
  • Smoke Markers
  • Forest Terrain Pieces
Armor Grid Buildings, Low Walls, Smoke MarkersArmor Grid Sectional HillsArmor Grid ForestArmor Grid Hexagonal and Octagonal Hills
(Mech and Infantry Unit Miniatures sold separately.)
GSD Files are available at the Armor Grid Forums.

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